Tarot Interpretation Help Service

If you do your own tarot readings and come across a reading that you feel you need an objective and honest fellow tarot reader to help you explore what the message may be then I'll be happy to help! Sometimes, when it comes to reading for yourself interpreting the messages can be difficult, especially if you're reading about something that deeply affects you emotionally. If you're just really looking for assistance from an objective source, well I can be that source for you fellow tarot sibling!

One of the benefits of this service is that if you're a tarot novice, than the experience maybe helpful in learning how to read the tarot for yourself and others (and then you can work with me). You'll learn ways of interpreting the cards that you can add to your own skill set. Another benefit is that it may be fun to work together to explore the tarot together while learning from each other.

To request this service option fill out the request form and pay $5.00 and you once payment is completed you'll be able to access the the request form .

Tarot Interpretation Help Request Form

Tarot Interpretation Help

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