About Eve Spirit

Eve Spirit  is an online magick shop for tarot readings and the spiritually minded. Eve Spirit provides occult, metaphysical and spiritual products and tools for all paths to divinity; every product and service Eve Spirit provides is to aid anyone who visits EveSpirit.com in worshiping, honoring, and celebrating according to their individual relationship and path to Divinity. Eve Spirit respects and accepts all religions, spiritual paths and philosophies. and life coach-styled psychic tarot card readings. Eve Spirit provides what you may need whether you are Wiccan, Witchcraft, Christian Mages and conjurers, Shamans, Santeria, Mystics, Buddhists, and many other paths to Divinity. Eve Spirit operates from the state of Washington.

In keeping with the purpose of Eve Spirit we sell the following products and services:

A.      Services

·         Tarot Reading

·         Meditation Prayer Training and Coaching (coming soon)

·         Active Prayer Service (coming soon)


B.      Products

·         Active Prayer Products – these are products such as altars, altar tools, altar cloths and coverings, herbs, cauldrons, ritual tools, spell supplies, etc.…

·         Bath and body Products – soaps, bath teas, bath bombs, etc..

·         Candles

·         Incense

·         Blank books and Journals

·         Books


C.      Subscription Services (Available soon)

·         Weekly tarot readings - $35.00 Monthly

·         Twice a Month Tarot Readings - $30.00

·         Monthly Tarot Readings – Once a month - $20.00

·         Meditation Coaching Services

·         Active Prayer Product Service

·         Candle Subscription service

·         Incense Subscription service

·         Candle and Incense Packages Services

·         Bath and Body Subscription Packages


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