About Eve Spirit

Eve Spirit operates from the state of Washington and is run by me, Eve Lilith Moon, which is my spiritual name. I am an Urban Christ-Inspired Conjurer, an empath and minister. I believe that we can all develop our own individual relationships with divinity and the relationships we develop with God is how we create our own paths to divinity. I created Eve Spirit to help people to do that. Every product and service Eve Spirit provides is to aid in that purpose. Eve Spirit is the online store for tarot readings and the spiritually minded. 

In keeping with the purpose of Eve Spirit we sell the following products and services:

A. Services 

- Life Coach styled Psychic Tarot Reading

B. Products

- Active Prayer Products

- Bath and body Products

- Candles

- Incense

I am also developing and creating the following services to bring to you soon:

- Meditation Prayer Training and Coaching

- Active Prayer Service

-      Wedding Officiant Services


- Weekly tarot readings

- Monthly Tarot Readings

- Meditation Coaching Services

- Active Prayer Product Service

- Candle Subscription service

- Incense Subscription service

- Candle and Incense Packages Services

- Bath and Body Subscription Packages