Eve Lilith Moon Empath, Psychic Tarot Reader and Life Coach

Eve Lilith Moon

Psychic empath - Certified Life Coach – Certified Tarot Reader – Ordained Minister
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I have put this page together just in case you want to know a little bit about the person providing you these services and products. I am Eve Lilith Moon I’m a psychic empath, a certified life coach and tarot reader and an ordained minister; I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious and consider my spiritual path to be described as being an American urban Christ-Inspired Mage.

 I believe that we can all develop our own individual relationships with divinity and the relationships we develop with God is how we create our own paths to divinity.

I believe that God works in mysterious ways; so I will not judge, condemn or in any way persecute you for how God shows up in your life and that includes respecting whether or not for you God is a different name or is a Goddess. I myself believe that the existence of women and that there is a female form found in every living thing is proof enough for me of the existence of a goddess.

I believe that prayer can take place in many ways and that spelling and magick are just additional ways to pray and be actively faithful.

I created Eve Spirit to help people  through tarot readings, life and meditation coaching and to provide  any tools you may need to create the life you want to live.  

I do not debate about religion or react to people who want to engage in conflict about my spiritual beliefs. I do not waste energy on useless things if I can avoid it.

I offer life coach-styled psychic tarot readings starting at $25.00. In our sessions I teach how to begin creating the life you actually want to live. I do readings that focus on more than predicting your future, my readings are about creating the future you want because your future is always determined by you anyway, no matter what I predict.