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Eve Spirit In-Depth Psychic Reading V.I.P Monthly Member Request
The Eve Spirit In-depth life coach-styled tarot reading V.I.P monthly subscriber service for $79.95 gives you 4 monthly readings and is a more in-depth tarot reading that answers your question and provides empowering information to acheive your goals regarding your inquiry. This is not completely like your standard tarot reading; while psychic suff does happen what we primarily use the tarot for is to free ourselves to think about your issues, situations and goals in new ways and break old patterns that are no longer serving you. Eve Spirit connects to the emotions relating to the issues that the client discusses and seeks information from the spiritual realm to aid the client in discovering lessons, messages, and related insights; what Eve Spirit then delivers is a reading based on both her empathic senses and abilities as well as communication with the spiritual realm. The more emotion you share the better Eve Spirit connects to you and others connected to your situation, issue or concern. This is not a typical psychic reading.

Ask a question and provide a few details and I will deliver your reading to your email address. This reading allows you three follow-up questions per session after you receive your initial reading for further insights and to discuss any changes or address any issues that come up regarding the topic of your initial reading.
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