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Eve Spirit Basic Tarot Reading Form
The Eve Spirit Basic tarot reading service for $25.00 is a simple tarot reading that answers your question and provides empowering information to acheive your goals regarding your inquiry. This is not completely like your standard tarot reading; while psychic suff does happen what we primarily use the tarot for is to free ourselves to think about your issues, situations and goals in new ways and break old patterns that are no longer serving you.

Ask a question and provide a few details and I will deliver your reading to your email address. This reading allows you one follow-up question after you receive your reading for further insights and to discuss any changes or address any issues that come up regarding the topic of your initial reading.

Here's what to expect after you submit your request:

First you'll recieve confirmation that your tarot reading request form has been recieved.

In 24 - 48 Hours, you'll recieve your tarot reading report delivered to the email adddress you provided in the above form.

In 7 days from the day you recieve your reading report, I'll send a follow-up reading report, consider it a "free update" on how the energies, people, situations around the issue have changed or if anything has changed at all.

Once you recieve your tarot reading report if have further questions you get 3 free additional follow-up question sessions related to the subject of your original requested reading.

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    Any further details about what you are seeking? You can provide as much detail as you’re wish to about why you are seeking this reading. I am an emotional empath, emotion is how I connect the best to better provide the insights, answers and information you are seeking. So please add a few details below, this information allows me to establish an emotional psychic connection